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Lukson is an interactive media company specializing in panoramic photography and VR content development. Using the latest photo capturing technology and backed by years of experience in immersive imaging we provide High-End 360-Degree interactive panoramas and Virtual Tours. We offer a turnkey solution: from capturing, post-production and processing to interface design, implementation and server hosting.

With extensive knowledge in imaging and internet technologies we constantly strive to provide our clients the best creative and technical VR solutions available. Our Customer-Tailored Virtual Tours which are delivered in most popular media player formats (Java, Quicktime and Flash) offer outstanding photographic quality and involving experience to viewers.

Our Virtual Tours and 360 Panoramas can easily be integrated into virtually any website without the need of extensive source code modification. We provide full technical support required for integration of our VR solutions into client's website.

Benefits of using 360-Panoramas and Virtual Tours

Lukson.com 360-Panoramas put the user in the centre of the scene allowing full 360x180-degree interactive view, meaning the user can look in every direction - left, right, up, down.

Lukson.com 360-Panoramas allow the user to explore several photo realistic 360 scenes linked together using hotspots and interactive floor plans, making it ideal for Walk-Through Virtual Tours.

Lukson.com Suitable for presenting both exterior and interior scenes, even very small places can be successfully showcased using 360 panoramas.

Lukson.com Due to engaging and interactive user experience, usage of 360-panoramas results in a longer website visit time, increased page views, conversion and sells.


  • // Hotels, resorts, private lodges and real estate
  • // Yachting and automotive Industry
  • // Expo, congress and conference venues
  • // Restaurants, lounges and retail
  • // Museum, galleries, historic, sightseeing and public places
  • // Computer Generated Imagery
    High Dynamic Range photo lighting environments for 3D Computer Generated Images

  • // Critical Infrastructure Protection:
    Tactical and Refference maps for pre-incident planning
  • // Military and Police training:
    First person & Point-Of-View simulations


Feel free to download our presentational brochure:
Lukson.com Lukson Brochure (3.2 Mb | PDF)